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HOP-STEP stands for Healthy Outcomes in Pregnancy with SLE Through Education of Providers. The program is funded by a grant from GlaxoSmithKline and is directed by researchers at Duke University School of Medicine.

Primary Investigators

Megan E. B. Clowse

MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology & Immunology, Director of the Duke Autoimmunity in Pregnancy Clinic.

Lisa Criscione-Schreiber

MD, MEd, Associate Professor of Medicine, Rheumatology Training Program Director.

Andra James

MD, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

HOP-STEP | Resources

HOP-STEP is a program designed to improve pregnancy planning and management for women with lupus. Our goal is to provide a range of topics and sections to meet the varied needs of the target audience: both clinicians and patients.

Our team has worked diligently to collect patient and clinician stories, so that our initiatives reflect real families’ experiences, and so that our content amplifies the voices of providers managing lupus and patients with lupus.

Our focus is providing easily searchable information, which can be accessible during a clinic visit and useful for addressing specific clinical questions. We also envision HOP-STEP as a living resource, so that as new data or guidelines are available, they can be easily added.

Hop-Step | Goal

This website is intentionally self-directed, meaning visitors are encouraged to explore the resources most relevant to their questions. Information is available in multiple forms, to meet the time and learning needs of users, with resources shared as text, graphics, and videos.

This website is one initiative under HOP-STEP; our research group is also leading in-person sessions, including workshops, and creating Continuing Medical Education Sessions for clinicians.

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We work hard to create content that answers your questions. Let us know if you have a question that you’d like us to discuss in a future video, handout, or podcast.

Please email your question or feedback to hop-step@duke.edu.